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New Guinea Singing Dogs

The New Guinea SInging Dog (NGSD) or “Singer” is a wild dog found only in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. When originally ‘discovered’ in 1957 the NGSD was considered a new canid species and given the scientific name Canis hallstromi. Since that time over 50 years ago, the NGSD was ‘downgraded’ to a subspecies, primitive dog and placed in numerous other categories within subspecies.

The fact is that the definition of a true species is still often under debate within the scientific community, particularly amongst biologists and taxonomists. So the discourse continues as to how to categorize the New Guinea Singing Dog, often bolstered by new scientific studies.  What is known is that these wild dogs (canids) have thrived in the Papua New Guinea Highlands for thousands of years. It is also known that they are very closely related to the dingo of Australia.

New Guinea SInging Dogs remain in the wild and have also been residents at numerous zoos in a variety of countries. NGSDs are also found in private homes where they can thrive and do well with proper socialization and care. The fact that the New Guinea Singing Dog has ‘wild roots’ creates a formidable challenge for the private owner. For those that live with a Singer or are contemplating bringing a Singer into their home, it is vital to be a part of a community of NGSD owners to learn about care and safety, share issues of concern and receive positive support.

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